Channel Management

Control your inventory, rates & bookings across the internet!

Levart’s Channel Management or as we like to call it Channel Control will connect you to every channel you need to run a successful property! 

Features include:

  • Over 80 direct interfaces including and Expedia
  • Pooled inventory
  • Distribution control at inventory levels
  • Effective & efficient sync times
  • Online travel agent performance updates
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Easy to manage linking for every channel
  • Update inventory and rates anytime
  • PMS connectivity
  • Bookings flow through to PMS
  • Regularly adding new interfaces
  • Set and forget derived rates
  • No additional commission on bookings
  • Control who sells your rooms and when
  • Easy to use calendar
  • Ongoing training & support
  • Channel reporting and statistics
  • Individualised OTA distribution control
  • Levart's channel control (channel management) works on a pooled inventory, where the total number of available rooms for a specific room type is available to each channel. It also provides the functionality to manage the room allocation as well.
  • The link editor will assist you in updating the mapping to channels anytime, anywhere.
  • Rates, Inventory as well as any restriction flow through to the channel from Levart.
  • When a booking is made, it is sent to Levart and we decrement the inventory on our site and update all other sites with the new availability figure.
  • Bookings will flow through to your PMS should you have the interface setup.
  • Levart has advanced interfaces with channels like where it takes less than 5 seconds on average for a booking to appear in the PMS from the time it was made.
  • Distribution Control allows the functionality to determine what channels have inventory to sell depending on inventory levels.

Levart's Channel Management is a system designed to make your life easier! 

Channel Management Features

Instant Connectivity
Link Editor makes it easy to set up a link between Levart and any channel. Once linked, it’s up and operating – you’re available for sale on that channel.
Industry Expertise
We know and understand distribution in the hospitality sector. Our concierge is here to provide assistance whenever you need it.
Continuous Updates
Levart’s Channel Manager works 24/7, constantly updating channels and obtaining bookings. On average, all channels are updated every 5 minutes.
Cloud Based CMS
There is no software to download. Levart is web based, so you can access it anywhere on multiple platforms.
Admin Calendar
The Admin Calendar is your central point of control to manage rates and inventory, as well as apply any restrictions, across your own booking engine and third party sites. Note, some channels do not support all restrictions.
Pooled Inventory
Pooled inventory provides you with a far greater opportunity to sell your rooms.
Channel Reporting & Statistics
Our concierge service includes channel reports and sales statistics, to help you monitor and manage your online performance. Let us know your reporting requirements and we’ll tailor them to suit.
No Commission on Bookings
We don’t charge commission on bookings through any channel.
Distribution Control
Manage inventory distribution to any channel. You’re in control of your online distribution.
Connection performance
We constantly monitor all channels to ensure your distribution is optimised.
Last Room Availability Control
You have control over which channel receives the very last room.