Millions of travelers around the world search for hotels on Google every day! 

Google’s Ads platform only for Hotel campaigns lets you bid for dynamic ads that appear when a traveller searches a location i.e. “Accommodation Melbourne” on Search, Maps, the Assistant and on the Google Business Listing. These ads appear in a hotel booking module that can show photos of the hotel, amenities, prices and links to book the hotel.

Benefits of Google Hotel Ads:
  • Attract travellers who are actively looking for a hotel in an area. Hotel Ads contain your company's name, hotel name, price, and text callouts to highlight the unique benefits of booking through your site.
  • Tailor a hotel's prices by a hotel's availability and traveller itineraries.
  • Send customers to a website to book direct button or allow them to book on your website via the link on the property pricing listing “Official Website” 
  • There are three payment options available Pay per Click (pay on the number of clicks), Pay per Stay (pay only when someone stays at your property) or Pay per Booking (pay for each booking). 
Where the Google Hotel ads appear:

After someone searches for a hotel on Google Search, Maps, or the Assistant, they'll see a hotel search module with hotel photos, names, prices, and a map. When they select a hotel, they'll see up-to-date prices and links to book that hotel for the dates and number of guests they select.

Google Search

Google Maps

Google Assistant

Each option explained

Levart provides the integration and campaign management services for properties signing up for Google Hotel Ads services. 

1. Pay per Click
Levart will manage the campaign on your behalf. You allocate a budget for the amount you would like to spend each month. Levart will manage the cost per click for the search terms used to find your property.

2. Pay per Stay
A commission-based model where you advise the commission you would like to pay on a booking. You only pay on stayed bookings. Levart will manage the commission based on the position you achieve on the various listings.

3. Pay per Booking
A commission-based model where you advise the commission you would like to pay on bookings. This commission is paid on all bookings even if they are subsequently cancelled. Levart will factor in the cancellation rate and adjust the commission accordingly.

Testimonial: Michael Lee, Managing Director of the Brighton Savoy

The Brighton Savoy is a 60-room boutique hotel located overlooking the beach in Brighton Victoria Australia. With a long association using Levart’s channel management and hotel booking engine, we recently engaged Levart to manage Google Hotel Ads.

Achieving direct website bookings should be the goal of any accommodation property. With the “Book Direct and Save feature” of the Levart booking engine in conjunction with the implementation of Google Ads for the last 2 months have seen the following impressive results 

  • 157% year on year increase in Brighton Savoy Website Revenue
  • 129% year on year increase in Brighton Savoy Website Bookings 
  • 95% Increase in Brighton Savoy Website conversion rates 
  • 11% increase in average booking value 

The Brighton Savoy Highly recommended Levart as a company with the products and services a business needs maximise direct online bookings, distribute to third party channels and run a successful hotel in 2019.

Michael Lee 
Managing Director

Levart can provide integration and campaign management services for our clients who would like to sign up for Google Hotel ads. Please complete the form below and Levart will be in touch with more information including a quote.